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Kulami Ducks

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Kulami Ducks is takes the classical game "Kulami" and adds a cute looking duck theme made by Moritz Knapp.The original game - Kulami - is a tactical board game by Andreas Kunekath. Two players take turns to place there ducks playing area comprising different sized lakes. The aim is to gain control of as many lakes as possible by players placing their own ducks to occupy a majority in a lake. Every round of Kulami is unique due to the many possibility of setting up the playing area.
Tactical skill and clear-sighted thinking are required - strategic and yet simple positioning rules ensure each turn builds on the next.
When one masters the basic game, it can be extended with advanced rule giving a further challenge to test your strategic skills.
This App brings Kulami onto your Android device and adds a cute looking duck theme. You can play online against other players or offline against the Computer or another player. An interactive tutorial gives a playful way of learning the rules of Kulami.